Fare thee well DKNY and Donna Karan designs at Vogue Patterns 

It’s a sad day indeed, the end of an era. Three decades of DONNA KARAN designs at Vogue patterns has come to an end. Some of my favourite ever self made garments have been from Karan’s pattern line. I would feature photos here except I wore them to pieces. Truly! 

Featured here above is an image from British Vogue in March 1997. At high end retailers this top and pants commanded almost £1000. If you have Vogue Pattern 2064 however, you could make an equally stylish version at home. It’s on my to make list this year.

It must be said that since the introduction of designer pattern lines in 1949, Karan designs must be one of the ‘greats’ alongside Miyake and Schiaparelli for their style and wearability. The DKNY label was introduced in 1989, patterns were also produced under this line.
I won’t be parting with any of my DKNY or Karan patterns soon. Hang on to those beauties!

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