1970s fashion and store stamps- a mark of vintage sewing pattern provenance 

As a little girl growing up in Canberra, I still have memories of being shepherded by my mother along a city Street pavement on a hot Summer afternoon and ushered into the relative cool of a dark fabric store full of fabric, notions and patterns. It was an oasis. It was also an exciting look at another world. The doll like wardrobe she made for me in my early years earnt me the affectionate nickname of “the Duchess” amongst her work colleagues and I vividly remember the beautiful paisley and red velvet creations she proudly made on her elna supermatic (the cream of sewing machines at the time). 

Sadly so few of those stores exist now, if at all. All that remains are the store stamps that appear on old pattern envelopes. Such as these in my collection. Most of these examples are local…  Claridges, Ganters and even David Jones Canberra which used to sell sewing patterns (no longer). Enjoy the pattern fashion illustrations and designs!