Vogue 1440 Donna Karan shirt and leggings or tapered pants

If you sew, you need this pattern in your life. Made the tapered pants. Love, love the pants. The kind of love where you ransack your bedroom looking for them and sob when you discover that alas, they are in the wash. I should add the gorgeous Donna Karan rayon double knit I purchased from Mood online probably has something to do with it.

Clearly I needed a second pair, but paying more shipping from the US to Australia…? Not cheap, especially with the Aussie dollar. I took a deep breath and drove out to the few local fabric stores looking for a ponte or double knit with the same fibre content. I searched online and called some stores in Sydney…. Based on my search, I could buy “less” quality locally for about the same price per yard. In the end I caved. You can’t go passed quality and the fabric has the look and feel of a garment you’d reasonably expect to find in the $300 range. (I adore Donna Karan’s style). 

Beautiful and comfortable black pants are a wardrobe workhorse. I plan to make two more pairs (you can whip them up in an evening- my reliable Elna SU made it quick work)…

Like I said, you need this pattern. (And I haven’t even started on the shirt.) Whilst Donna Karan patterns are no longer produced by Vogue, some stores still have some of her more recent patterns in their drawers.

For anyone who is interested, Donna Karan’s autobiography “My Story” is a really interesting read, I read it in a weekend. With two kids, that says something!

Inspired by Chanel Vogue 7975 is well underway

Finally started on my Chanel inspired jacket. Fashion fabric is black and white tweed purchased from Mood in 2013. Trim: fairly wide, black, tiny sequins for interest but nothing too flamboyant. Lining is storm blue China silk.

Base pattern is Vogue 7975, neckline restyled to form a more flattering v neckline.

Basting with my treasured vintage silk threads… Aren’t they pretty?