My love love relationship with Mood Fabrics…. a life in swatches!

mood swatches

Okay, so most of the time it is love, love, love. But then occasionally, like on my most recent order I put in for 4.5 yards of USD$29.99 per yard fabric and received an email telling me if I didn’t get back to them in 24 hours, they would ship 3 yards in 4 pieces. No, no, no. I mean seriously for good money I don’t want chopped up Armani- I am making an investment piece (two piece suit)… uh… not a library bag.  (Has anyone out there made Vogue 1889, Givenchy from the 90s- attributed to  John Galliano? 

But almost every other time it is love, love, love. And my moment of horror in relation to the 3 yards in 4 pieces was quite unusual, generally Mood are very good.

Current favourite fabrics are almost all sold out, but I am linking them here anyway for others looking for  dressmaking inspiration.

  1. Carolina Herrera crepe de chine (silk) in black and white polka dots- I never tire of this kind of print, its always so fresh and fun and the fabric itself is just gorgeous to sew with. No problems using a rolled hemming foot but with the stretch in the fabric, go slow and still be careful. My first 2 yards are being made into a 90s style gathered front blouse for work or day wear, Vogue 2069 (Anne Klein II) sans shoulder pads; I am debating about using another 2.5 yards for Vogue 2157 (another pretty Givenchy design,  rumoured to be an Alexander McQueen design from his time with the house;
  2. Donna Karan black double knit– its the make up of this gorgeous double knit that I think makes it so wonderful to sew and wear. I made it up in some Donna Karan tapered pants (Vogue 1440) I ended up making a second pair the first pair was in such high circulation in my wardrobe) and at least a year later and many washes (on delicate, flat dried) and there is no nasty pilling, still look fabulous. For anyone who has Vogue 1440 I did make the shirt in a no name stretch poplin from Mood also and I can see why so many on the internet love it;
  3. Caroline Herrera silk faille in deep red. Another high end one, but goodness gracious great balls of fire- I fell in love with the colour on the swatch, (did not expect that to happen) and it was a had to have- would be absolutely gorgeous with a style with less gathers and more pleats and I am currently throwing around ideas on which Vogue Oscar de la Renta pattern to use- there is one from the 90s that looks particularly fetching that I have seen in runway snaps from the 90s, however it does use 4 yards of fabric and other fabric options on the back of the envelope include denim ( a much cheaper alternative). I did run the swatch through my machine to get a sense of how it would sew and react to pleats etc and I really think with the right design this fabric is 5 stars. For anyone who doesn’t like red, there is also a yellow, green and grey- the yellow is similar to the dress worn by Amal Clooney to the Royal Wedding and is a bit more “day” than night. Simplicity 1873 by Cynthia Rowley might be a good option with the pleated skirt.
  4. A black viscose matte jersey by Donna Karan– if it ever returns, this is another winner and I made it into Vogue 8379, another adored pattern of the sewing blogging world AND a Diane Von Furstenberg skirt from a 70s Vogue pattern 1680 with quite an average cover- made it in an hour and also in high circulation in my wardrobe- a great basic if you want a fast and easy knit skirt pattern.

There are other fabrics I have bought from Mood- a red Ralph Lauren double knit (sadly no longer available) that was very nice made up as the skirt from Vogue 1451 by Karan – promise that was actually a fast make; a Ralph Lauren matte jersey which was quite nice but very heavy for the very full, floor length skirt of a 70s Vogue Pucci dress (so heavy that I confess I have yet to attach the skirt to the bodice – it was so heavy and felt like wrestle-mania at my sewing machine).

Anyway, I would love to hear how others manage/ display/ store their fabric swatches from Mood or elsewhere. At the moment I use a photo album but I usually also keep a scrap with every pattern I make. It is always a delight when I discover other seamstresses did the same when I buy vintage patterns. What do you do?

Happy sewing!

delarenta pattern

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