1930s fashion- ¬†wide legged pants on the Singer 222

What are you working on? With a mile long to make list, this 30s simplicity pattern hit my work table. After some late night cutting I have been progressing it incrementally in tandem with a 1940s house dress by Hollywood. 

These two garments are my first two garments to be made on my 1956 Singer 222 ‘Gidget’. You can see Gidget above with my Singer pinking attachment.

Gidget, truth be told had been sitting idly in her box for decades when I purchased her. Beautiful condition, she was ‘jammed’ but thanks to the fabulous video resources by Carmon Henry at April 1930s, I was able to get into the lower bobbin case assembly and remove one tiny faun thread. Oiled, polished and with a slight belt tension adjustment she is perched on our kitchen table with the glamour of a Jaguar.

Having worked with a Singer 221 since February, I confess I find the 222 wonderful to work with, particularly in terms of having more room to navigate for waist and arm hole seams. It is more than worthy of the love accorded to it by collectors and dressmakers alike.

A long time in coming, below is a photo featuring the black out curtains I made earlier this year with my Singer 99- the fabric was so heavy my husband had to help me support its weight as I guided it through the machine for an even feed. But they turned out very well!